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Over the next few months I will post images on these stories created over the past decades.

All of them deal with the topic of human trauma and human dignity under the weight of such trauma.

The Significance of Marking Art and the Bridges of Buffalo Bayou represents the victory over obstacles. 

Mexico City Street Kids, 1987;

Westheimer Street Kids, 1988- 1992;

The Significance of Making Art (formerly Environmental Portraits of Houston Artists, 1984-1990, 2008 to present);

Houston’s Third Ward, 1984 to present;

Houston Fourth Ward, 1984 to present;

Houston’s Fifth Ward, 1984 to present;

Texas Mexico Border stories, 1980 to present;

The Story of Josiah Sutton, 2003-2004;

Katrina Survivors in Houston, 2005-2006;

Bridges of Buffalo Bayou, 2011 to present.

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