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Press Release

“Nights at the Island”

Release: July 4, 2017

Contact: Ben DeSoto

Phone: 713/705-1470 (pending)


“We’re Gonna F**king Finish This” announcement.


“If you loved “Gimme Danger” about Iggy Pop, you will want to see a spawn of Iggy- the emerging punk scene in Houston Texas at the beginning of the Reagan Years,” says co-director Ben Tecumseh DeSoto.  “We got a producer, we got a web site, and we are ready to finish this film. “ 

A crowd funding campaign will soon launch to raise the estimated $9,000 needed to complete this fan inspired, crows sourced  documentary about the building that became more of a club house than a club to a generation of fans and musicians. 


Grainy video 1979 shows front man of Legionaries Disease growling “I want to be your dog”, the rough draft runs 70 minutes and deftly balances “fan on street” recollections, photos, vintage videos, show flyers and a edit of 2012 reunion performance(10 bands, 10 songs) multi-camera shoot.  The closing credits are threaded through an intimate “last song Island ritual”-crowding the stage and singing a reprise “I want to be your dog”.


Social and anti-social;  political and anti-political; and a culture of counterculture, makes “Nights at the Island” must have DVD.  For 500 contributors, a copy of the documentary will be theirs for pledging 25$ to the (pending) crowd funding campaign and 2018 Slamdance presentation.


Before the building was torn down in 1984, Dead Kennedys, Butthole Surfers; Black Flag; REM; DRI; and others make a who’s who list of punk bands that performed there.


The 2012 reunion show at Walter’s Downtown include: 

The 10 bands and songs:
• Gary Yokie—Live Ammo
• Broadcasters—Robbery is Forced Philanthropy
• Anarchitex—Caca Convention
• Mydolls—It’s Too Hot for Revolution
• AK47—Kiss My Machine
• The Hates—No Talk in the 8os
• Bevatron—Perfect Asshole
• Doomsday Massacre—Are You Ready?
• Legionnaire’s Disease—Rather See You Dead
• Degenerates—Civilized Destruction


With a successful crowd funding campaign, the next would be a screening and concert with the Mydolls to announce the establishment of additional DVD and distribution funds will go in a reserve for medical co-pays for the musicians featured in the film.  Then, the next goal will be a shelf in the rock and roll museum.


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