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A Movie for fans by fans

We are happy to have talked Manson Floyd to work on the project, hopefully for an edit for a film festival screening in January 2018.

Floyd, left and Torry Mercer, transfer digital files of the project, Wednesday night November 15, 2017.   The pair will edit a revised version of the existing rough assembly of      Nights at the Island.


Ben Tecumseh DeSoto is leading this effort to capture the joys and memories of the first punk rock venue in Houston.  An intern with the Houston Post in the summer of 1980, who fell in love with the scene, music and became a fellow fan.
Also he is battling some personal health issues, so he is trying to coordinate the remaining tasks to complete this crowd sourced fan love note.


Norman Green has stepped forward and has taken on the task of being a producer for this documentary film.  Green has contributed his business skills and is financing  DVD productions.

Green is joining DeSoto's art craft and developed the task list below.  Each task Each, by themselves are  small, repetitive and generally thankless, generally forced onto interns. However, combined with time and concentration, can yield an awesome results.

 We R punks.               We get things done.                 Join us.

The goal is to presell 500 DVDs of the completed documentary at $25 each.

The Tasks to Be Done

1. Legal rights to use Iggy Pop's song "I want to be your dog"   $1,000 Estimate

2. Music editor to work with the five vintage videos-                $500

3. Music editor to work with Walter Reunion performance     $500

4.Video editor of Walter Reunion Performance (completed)      $500

5.Story editor to current rough assembly                                     $500

6. Story editor final edit                                                                  $500

7.Captioning IDs of interviewees, locations and titles               $500

8. Captioning of Reunion performance song lyrics                   $250

9. Captioning of closing credits, band lineup and thank yous $250

10.Computer graphics for movie throughout                             $500

11Website/IMBB/Festival submissions                                        $1000

12.Final interviews/Travel (2016 working group requests       $1000

13.Set up additional DVD sales and distribution deals to underwrite medical co-pay fund for featured Reunion performance musicans.   $500

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