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Until that comes together, I am living a basic life and being a co-parent.  I mediate on the best way to use what life I have left to do the right things to make this, a better World for not only my children but for the next seven generations.


At this writing (and I hope to write more) besides afterschool pick ups, I walk the dog, occasionally wash dishes and collect water from a tap to an underground made almost a hundred years ago. I have retirement income from my 25 years at the Houston Chronicle Newspaper/Hearst Corporation.   I am working through an agency for opportunities to substitute teach and putter with a Visual S.T.E.A.M. curriculum.  I also work part time at the Smith’s Food and Drug Store (Kroger chain) that I use as my ferryboat bodhisattva job (more on that later).


These are a few things happening with my archive and will use this venue to post updates and details over the coming years.


  • First, please to announce the agency of my work to Witnes (government name Michael Zapata) , Andrew Benavidez and T. Eric Monroe.  They are completing a whole business plan and have completed a mini doc on me.  They will accomplish what I could not: creating a revenue stream to benefit my children.  Blessings. Inquiries can be sent to, 732/371-7876.


  • UH Library Collections will present a survey of the archive starting January 2019 through the early summer.  Something like the 2012 “Zen”trospective at Redbud Gallery but on a much larger scale.


  • I am honored to being a book to be published in 2019 by the University of Texas.  I am one of 125 photographers to represent Texas from 1900 to present.



Thank you for the moments of your time


Ben Tecumseh DeSoto







Quiet Storms of Reform


                      Tax deductable donations can be made through

Utah Film Center


I maintain a Social Practice of  teaching documentary photography, writing and filmmaking in community settings. Read more:

Visual S.T.E.A.M.


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