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If you find yourself here in this corner of the World Wide Web, you are interested in the projects and photography created from my high school years of the late 1970’s and life in and around Houston Texas through 2016.  Health concerns has forced a retreat to the mountains to be near my children. They has given me a second life, away from my former life as a witness to the life of a city.


Fortunately I am able to point to the University of Houston Library Collections and the African American Library at the Gregory School, Houston Public Library where just about everything has a home: negatives, notebooks, event materials, clippings, topic clip files, prints on several self assigned topics and overshoots on editorial work.


Drawing insight and inspiration from Angela Duckworth’s book “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”, I am thinking of new ways to fulfill my promises to Ben White and Judy Pruitt to complete a poverty solutions documentary film and book.


This is a recent Glasstire profile after the UH Library archive announcement.


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